It’s Sunday. I overindulged last night at dinner with the cousins, in all the best meanings of the word – so much good food (and my first poutine! Wont be the last, for sure), good energy, laughter. We’re lucky to have family nearby, and I always wish it wouldn’t be so long between our get-togethers. 

Met a big group of pals and their dogs for a play date at the creek this morning. It was a little too unruly this morning…lots of dogs trying to show their dominance (including one of my chuckleheads.) The day took a turn when a little girl threw a big rock at the water, and a german shepherd tried to catch it midair. Both parties looked shocked at the turn of events, and there were tears and a broken tooth as consequences…a real world reminder of how quickly things can pivot. Feels a bit like a metaphor.

I’m procrastinating starting a new painting. It’ll be large, and while I have several ideas nothing’s really sticking yet. A big blank piece of paper is equal parts exciting and terrifying. 

Here’s what I’ve been using to procrastinate: 

  • This article about time travel and physics is giving me serious daydream fodder.
  • I might swap the cranberry sauce out for this come Thanksgiving. 
  • Spending some more time with poets today. Loving this by Mary Oliver. Also loving this by Sophie Klahr.
  • I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater. Thinking of remedying that this year.
  • I love songs that sound like nostalgia.

Be well, friends. See you tomorrow.

(Poutine @ Mon Ami Gabi Reston. Not on the menu yet, but that shouldn’t stop you for asking for it.)


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