Good morning, all. While you read this I am likely on my way to step on a contraption that will tell me if I’ve gained any muscle (spoiler: I have) or lost any fat (spoiler: yup that too). My actual weight hasn’t changed a skosh. And that’s OK.

After I step on that contraption? I’m going to go for a quick jog, and then eat a loaf of bread, toasted, slathered with European butter. Because moderation…or making up for lost time…or just for the freaking love of toast.

  • Scroll down to “the end of chill” and take it out of an election context for a moment. Stop chilling. Get excited, get motivated, get interested. Apathy can go to hell.
  • If I don’t feel sated after all that toast, I might grab a bag of these. I love ’em more than Cartman does.
  • Considering throwing Thanksgiving on its ear this year…
  • A little dramatic, but then again so is the story.
  • This might give you an insight as to why I like watercolors so much.

Happy Friday, darlings. Have a fantastic day!capture1


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