What a difference a day makes, huh? (Boy, THAT might be the theme of 2016…how many times did we all wake up and find that the tectonic plates had shifted under our feet?) Today I’m asking with a more literal bent; yesterday I ran errands topless (convertible car, you perverts), and today I needed boots & mittens to walk the boys around the neighborhood and STILL froze. But the angle of the light and the clouds are making the skies so incredibly beautiful…and the fact that I can enjoy them while under a warm blanket on the couch? Well that’s just a bonus.

  • Looks like I picked the exact wrong time to start writing again. Timing has never been my strong suit.
  • I have this simmering on a burner and it smells heavenly.
  • We’ve been experimenting with our email hygiene at work…here’s a way to automate your process and streamline that inbox.
  • I feel like I should buy these in bulk…and maybe I should fill them with Domino’s gift cards? (Question: would I then ever actually gift any of them? Hmmm. Doubtful.)

Stay warm, lovelies. See you tomorrow.


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