Sorry this is much later than I had planned…I had my first crossfit injury (left the front of my shin on a big wooden box.), and I realized how long it’s been since I’ve really bloodied myself, and how damn comfortable my life usually is. Let’s be honest, blood has never been my thing: I mean, I’m pretty grateful it’s coursing through my veins, but I don’t need to see it unless I’m donating a pint. Which I think I will tomorrow, if only to be helpful to someone who needs my weird-ass blood type, and to be thankful for not being in worse shape, health-wise.

Thanks for letting me unload. Here’s some linkage.

  • I’m kinda doing this this week. (Who am I kidding? I am taking the week off to putter around, cook, and nurse my terrible wound. Am I too pathetic? I am? Oh, ok.) I do think it’s a cool idea, and I find it particularly attractive at this time of year.
  • TERRIFYING. (Or adorable? Leaning towards the second.)
  • I’ve been thinking about ethics a lot lately. And I’m finding this as terrifying as any recent current events. I find gray areas fascinating, but I’m thinking a lot about how tricky they really are…
  • In case you’re up for joining me here, it’s a good deed that won’t cost you a thing.

Have a good evening, all. Aiming to see you in the morning!

(Sometimes the tiniest weight is a really big challenge. Today was one of those days.)


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