Good morning, lovelies. I’m heading back to the dr.’s today for a follow up on this lingering crossfit injury that is trying to teach me the value of patience. I’m resisting, it’s getting more complicated…maybe I’ll try just finding the zen in sitting still. (Not sure I have much choice, actually. Wonder if there’s any place nearby that delivers pastries? Because my immobile self is craving a croissant like whoa.)

(Maybe it’s OK that uber eats hasn’t reached the ‘burbs yet.)

  • My former colleague Susan used to tease me about not physically being able to say ‘no.’ If you’re like me, here’s a tutorial of sorts.
  • An artist using a prominent platform to elevate others…how amazingly refreshing! 
  • This is me, when sitting to a pianist’s left. #badnews
  • I love the idea of this; learning new skills while keeping things out of landfills? Sign me up.

Enjoy this last day of November, friends. The end of 2016 is in sight!


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