When I started making these lists, I had no other agenda that to start writing again, and to start amplifying some of the good/silly stuff in the digital ether. But the basic tenets of this site are part of who I am, and I’ve fallen back into a fun, comfortable rut. I’m ok with it: hoping you might be, too.

  • Struggling with a painting that I cannot bend to my will, and this pops up. Well played, Universe.
  • When I talk to the brilliant young people that I’m lucky to be surrounded by each summer, the question of career path inevitably comes up. When I talk about one’s career path being best viewed through a rear-view mirror, they look at me with a bit of concern/pity in their eyes. Turns out I might actually kinda know what I’m talking about. (First and last time, I’m pretty sure.)
  • In the frivolous-but-fab category? This. Valar Morghulis, y’all. Might as well enjoy a tasty beverage before we go.

I’ll be hoping to get a sign-off from a doctor this morning, and will be enjoying some dulcet holiday sounds from this group in the evening. Hoping your weekend is off to a similarly lovely start.


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