Well, it looks as if the post I thought I had published from my phone last night didn’t actually arrive. My apologies for that. But it’s the start of a new week, and in our house one full of festivities…here’s to pacing yourself during weeknight parties.

  • Artists and gentrification. Don’t tell me we’re not economic forces, dangit.
  • The Ghost Ship fire was a terrible thing. This has a picture of the inside, and it looks like such a wonderful place…I’m not sure, had I been there and had an in, that I wouldn’t have been in that lovely room.
  • Um, are you sure that’s a food?

This was the link I was most wanting to share with you from yesterday. As an adult I have so many ideas about what I am and am not capable of…but every once in a while something shatters that supposition, and I find that I don’t know myself as well as I should, or think I do. Surprising oneself, especially in a positive way, is a very cool thing!

Happy Monday, all. Get it started on the right foot!


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