Stop me if you’ve think that you’ve heard this one before…

…but here’s another bit of theater wisdom, echoing the previous post but condensing it in a helpful way. (Brought to my attention by LaJefa herself – a colleague who knows a thing or two about parlaying a theater background into a significant career.) I am a big fan of #6 (Do what needs to be done) and #10 (Doing the Best You Can With What You’ve Got). Amen, and again I say Amen.

Job titles are flashy…but the work most often is not. I’ve driven artists from western DC to Baltimore in my roller-skate of a coupe because the flight was affordable. On days that are slated to be both hard and thankless? I’m not above plying people with treats to help them feel cared for and thereby reframe their day. My supervisor has found childcare for visiting artists, and frequently houses visiting artists in her own home. (It’s a beautiful place, to be sure! But giving up one’s privacy regularly for one’s job is definitely going above and beyond.) Being not just capable, but willing to do whatever needs to be done? It’s important, especially in smaller offices. It’s not a given, nor is it something we should take for granted.

(By the by – bonus points if you get the Morrissey reference in the title line. You are one of my peeps.)

Next profile will be up on Profile Phriday. (Wow. How cheesy. So much for the professional tone, eh? I feel so much lighter now…) James will tell us about his path from singing to a profession that’s a little more secure.

2 thoughts on “Stop me if you’ve think that you’ve heard this one before…

  1. Thanks for the shout out and the link love! Great application and illustrations from your own daily grind!

  2. Thank you, Tom – so nice to such a clear description of those crazy positives we learn from arts training!

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