gaping voids, full of cartoons.

I’m a big fan of Hugh MacLeod. Have been for years. I get his daily email, that usually has a bright, graphic doodle (I hope that’s not an offensive term: it’s an abstract line drawing, to be less casual) that accompanies a strong thought or a pithy adage.

See, this is a career path that’s both creative and non-traditional. He took something that he enjoyed doing (i.e. writing modern-day adages) and used a medium that was infinitely accessible (pen & ink on the back of business cards).

Now, if you pitched that to someone:

“Hey. I’m going to draw cartoons on the back of business cards. And I’m going to share small snippets of real-life wisdom. And, on the backs of these tiny business cards, I’m going to build a MEDIA EMPIRE. Mwahahahaaaaaaaa!”

Yep. They’d likely ask the bartender to cut you off, and call you a cab.

But he did it. Because he realized that his art was accessible, and that there was a social component to what he wanted to do.

He’s an artist. But he didn’t spend years in the studio, working through academic crits, being graded refining his craft. He did those things while sitting at a pub, talking to people – there was a community aspect to what he did that integrated his love of the visual.

He found his sweet spot.

Do you have things that you’re passionate about, but that couldn’t possibly coexist in the same career?

And, are you willing to rethink that “couldn’t possibly coexist” clause?

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