Sandy: A Metaphor

So, the coincidence of a Frankenstorm blowing through the eastern seaboard smack dab in the middle of the autumn audition season is just too much to pass up.

Sometimes life shakes up the puzzle pieces – forces us to shelter in place, take stock of our supplies. We need to determine what things are truly important and what things are tangential. Pare things down to the essentials – what do you need? Music? Attention? Collaboration? Renown? (Be honest – it’s a simple question, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to answer.)

Hoping that, if you’re trying to make an audition, you can do so safely. (We’ll be traveling – either flying or driving, depending on the post-storm situation – on Wednesday to continue with our own tour.) And if the mountain seems too steep to climb this season? I’m hoping that something new and equally interesting enters your field of view.

Stay safe, friends.

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