Addressing failure.

When I talk with people about leaving the performing life, there’s usually one common thread: a feeling of failure. We’re taught that to opt out of performing is to fail…how many times have we (meaning: me) heard “Those who can’t, teach.”? And, even though in our hearts we know that the choice we’ve made is the correct one for us, many of us still feel like we’re letting someone down by turning away from the stage.

In this article,Singer Brian Vander Ark (you know his tune “The Freshmen“, with the band The Verve Pipe.) talks with FailureLab founder Jordan O’Neill about his experience after the band’s sophmore release failed to catch fire. FailureLab’s core idea is to acknowledge mistakes, where things went wrong, and to find support in kindred spirits. Especially now, in our current climate of customized profiles and Facebook pages that only display happy/attractive/positive/self-promoting content, I would guess that the catharsis and camaraderie an event like this would foster would be a very powerful thing.

How could you take ownership of your “failure” and find a way to allow it to transform you?

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