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Y’all. I’ve missed you! Our summer season has been amazingly rewarding, but has also been incredibly dense with performances, events, and wonderful people.

As it winds down, however, I find that I’ve missed this space, and the opportunity to talk about career shifts and renewed purpose, and searching for that elusive thing – meaningful work. So I’m happily diving back into the fray.

If you started your collegiate education in the fine or performing arts and have transitioned into another field, I’d love to talk to you. (And if you know someone who has an interesting story, please pass this link on!)

If you have questions about making the switch, let me know – I’ll investigate!

In the meantime, here’s a great profile from about Lori Richmond, who made the transition from web design back to her fine-art roots, and is now a sought-after children’s book author and illustrator.

I’m planning to circle back to some of our archived conversations, and catch up with their new pathways, and to offer some resources for exploration.

More coming soon – promise!


State of the Arts

I’ve been writing a little bit on my personal blog, and had to respond to two performing arts-related articles I’ve recently stumbled upon.

My question for you is; what would your ideal arts experience look/sound/feel/smell like? Has it changed over the years, and how?

(Let’s be real. I have many more questions. But let’s start there.)




Good morning. 

Yesterday I had a breakthrough on a big doodle (38″x52″ – it feels massive!) that I’ve been working on on-and-off for several weeks. That moment when you look at something for the millionth time, and see something new emerge? That’s a damn cool moment.

  • This might be my plan C…it’s definitely a dream I have.
  • Some inspiration in poetic form.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday.


Well, it looks as if the post I thought I had published from my phone last night didn’t actually arrive. My apologies for that. But it’s the start of a new week, and in our house one full of festivities…here’s to pacing yourself during weeknight parties.

  • Artists and gentrification. Don’t tell me we’re not economic forces, dangit.
  • The Ghost Ship fire was a terrible thing. This has a picture of the inside, and it looks like such a wonderful place…I’m not sure, had I been there and had an in, that I wouldn’t have been in that lovely room.
  • Um, are you sure that’s a food?

This was the link I was most wanting to share with you from yesterday. As an adult I have so many ideas about what I am and am not capable of…but every once in a while something shatters that supposition, and I find that I don’t know myself as well as I should, or think I do. Surprising oneself, especially in a positive way, is a very cool thing!

Happy Monday, all. Get it started on the right foot!


Having a slow start to my Saturday, mostly because my old man cat has curled up on my lap and I don’t have the heart to move him. 

  • We’re never ready
  • A call to diversify, only half-related to financial matters.
  • Craving these. But I can’t get up. (See intro sentence.) Anyone deliver?

Hoping your weekend both energizes and recharges you.


When I started making these lists, I had no other agenda that to start writing again, and to start amplifying some of the good/silly stuff in the digital ether. But the basic tenets of this site are part of who I am, and I’ve fallen back into a fun, comfortable rut. I’m ok with it: hoping you might be, too.

  • Struggling with a painting that I cannot bend to my will, and this pops up. Well played, Universe.
  • When I talk to the brilliant young people that I’m lucky to be surrounded by each summer, the question of career path inevitably comes up. When I talk about one’s career path being best viewed through a rear-view mirror, they look at me with a bit of concern/pity in their eyes. Turns out I might actually kinda know what I’m talking about. (First and last time, I’m pretty sure.)
  • In the frivolous-but-fab category? This. Valar Morghulis, y’all. Might as well enjoy a tasty beverage before we go.

I’ll be hoping to get a sign-off from a doctor this morning, and will be enjoying some dulcet holiday sounds from this group in the evening. Hoping your weekend is off to a similarly lovely start.


Happy December, all. Do you say “rabbit rabbit” when you wake up on the first day of the month? I learned about it as an adult, but don’t ever have the presence of mind pre-caffeine to successfully complete the ritual. Maybe 2017 will be my year?

  • This is another harbinger of 2017 being my year.
  • Mom was an English teacher, and this would’ve been right up her alley. Thank heavens for strong, smart, kind educators! (…like this pal of mine.)
  • So, if The Pope and I have the same favorite movie, does that make me inherently a better person?  (Or at least score me a Get Out of Hell Free card?)

Hope you’re having a lovely day.



Good morning, lovelies. I’m heading back to the dr.’s today for a follow up on this lingering crossfit injury that is trying to teach me the value of patience. I’m resisting, it’s getting more complicated…maybe I’ll try just finding the zen in sitting still. (Not sure I have much choice, actually. Wonder if there’s any place nearby that delivers pastries? Because my immobile self is craving a croissant like whoa.)

(Maybe it’s OK that uber eats hasn’t reached the ‘burbs yet.)

  • My former colleague Susan used to tease me about not physically being able to say ‘no.’ If you’re like me, here’s a tutorial of sorts.
  • An artist using a prominent platform to elevate others…how amazingly refreshing! 
  • This is me, when sitting to a pianist’s left. #badnews
  • I love the idea of this; learning new skills while keeping things out of landfills? Sign me up.

Enjoy this last day of November, friends. The end of 2016 is in sight!


There’s nothing quiet as lovely on these dark mornings as waking up to Christmas lights. Maybe this year I’ll keep them up until March or so…

  • He was my favorite character in Goonies, and he’s all grown up.
  • It’s a cloudy day here in the mid-Atlantic. Perfect.
  • This video is old, but it deserves another watching. Oh my heart.
  • these have totally happened in my house.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday.


Well, so much for an unbroken streak. But, rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, let’s just jump back in; just because something is imperfect doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value, right?

  • Maybe try some personal disruption on this Cyber Monday?
  • Racking my brain, trying to figure out if I knew these guys. (Arts & engineers, or Apples and Oranges, didn’t cross paths much when I was there.)
  • For my fellow people-pleasers, maybe here’s a script to not exactly say no?
  • WANT. Come see me, Little George!

Here’s hoping that your Monday is lovely, friends. 

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