So, maybe you’re perfectly happy in your current profession, and read this occasionally just to check in or read a profile (Hi, mom!). If so, then read on, and thanks for coming!

But if you’re dissatisfied in some way, but not sure whether it’s worth making a move? Well, that’s a more difficult spot to be in, for sure.

And if you’ve decided that you need to change things up but haven’t the slightest idea of where to go next?  Well, circumstances can dictate that you take the first thing that comes along, rather than examining what you want to do/who you want to do it with.

I offer, as some food for thought, some reading:

  • Chris Guillebeau from The Art of Non-Conformity posted this graphic from Sarah K. Peck. Simple questions, but your answers might surprise you.
  • This article from Inc. by Jeff Haden about what makes a remarkable employee. In what kind of professional situation might this describe you?
  • Danielle LaPorte talks about clarity, and trusting your gut over your head.

Some big thoughts for a Sunday morning.

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