One of the fabulous things about starting this project is poking around on the internet, and then suddenly falling down a wonderful rabbit hole, full of insight and perspective. I was groping around (thanks, Google) for one of my favorite Goethe quotes:

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.

And I ran across Sarah Peck.

Her corner of the web is full of articles about purpose, about connection, about the very things that make life and work meaningful. This particular article is about taking action, making a decision.

We’ve all been at that spot, whether professionally or personally, when we need to make a decision. And we realize, even if for just a fleeting moment, that not making a decision is in fact still a decision.

There are times in our lives when those decisions are exciting, energizing. Other times when the simple need to make a decision is utterly defeating.

Sarah has two recent articles that are worth their weight in time (because, honestly, time seems more valuable than gold in the current market) that I’d recommend to you.

  • The landscape of work is indeed changing. Some food for thought here.
  • Action. Resolve to take action.

It’s Wednesday. Midweek. Is there a better time to act boldly, in this low trough between weekends?

I submit, there is no better time.

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