Discernment, part deux

As I said before, I’m a sucker for a good to-do list. I have no fewer than 3 apps to keep track of grocery lists, t
I stumbled across this article by Kathy Caprino this evening. (The 8 Stages of Career Transformation.) And I can remember, so very vividly, going through this process when I was finally deciding to invest my time and efforts in a career that wasn’t performance-based. But I’ll disagree with the author in one fundamental way: I don’t think that it’s a linear process, and I think that often these steps happen simultaneously. For example, Disengagement from one’s present circumstances can – and I think often does – happen at the same time as Discovery, when you’re delving deeply to find those things that ring your bell, so to speak. o-do lists, bucket lists, and everything in between. Lists, structured steps, plans of action: all important things to me, and a real hindrance to any kind of free-lance career.

What do you think? Is the list complete? Would you add anything? And, if you’re seeking, do you recognize your place on this list?

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