Odds and Ends

I spent Monday home sick…it’s not often that I get my butt kicked sideways by a bug, but I’ve learned at this point that the absolute worst thing I can do is drag myself to the office on days like this: contaminating my space and my colleagues, feeling like crud, and usually getting little to no work of quality accomplished.

It’s a lose-lose situation, if you will.

So instead I napped on the couch, listened to the landscapers banter in Spanish as they planted three big ol’ Cypress trees in the yard, and started making my way through the unread items in my feed reader.

(As it turns out? I may in fact be in the running to star in Hoarders: Digital Media Edition. Yikes.)

But I did come across a few gems as pertains to the creative workforce:

  • What Recruiters Look For (via Lifehacker). They spend 6 seconds (! It makes a 16-bar audition slot look positively luxurious!) looking at your resume…best to make sure that those important things are easy to find…
  • Mentors. As creatives, we can all certainly name a specific teacher in our chosen discipline who served in that function. As you’re looking into something different, however, it’s as useful – perhaps even moreso – to find someone to help  you put your building blocks together in a  different way. And one of the points that Susan Adams makes that I love? You don’t have to have just one. There’s no competing-studio bias, no  teacher-centric cult-of-personality. (A refreshing thought, eh?)

And finally, this clip from John Cleese about creativity.  The clip I’ve posted is abbreviated, but Blurbomat has posted the entire lecture and it’s worth watching the whole way through. BrainPickings also pulls out several of the important points, so rather than reading my redundant ramblings, how about just taking a look-see?

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