Are the times a-changin’?

I’ve come across two promising articles that have made hairline cracks in my craggy artistic administrator’s heart.

This one, touting the skills learned in MFA studies as much as those in MBA studies made me smile. Even if realistically it’s years away, it’s still a turn in an interesting and gratifying direction. (I’m imagining all those suits signing up for drawing class or piano lessons – that’s a picture I could learn to love!)

And this one, touting the benefits of creative leadership over authoritative leadership, speaks the truth. (I know, because I’m fortunate to work for and with an amazingly creative leader.)

Maybe I’m just picking and choosing articles that resonate with me, regarding creativity and the workplace, but even if that’s true there seem to be many more of those articles than there were even a year ago.

Change is, indeed, good.

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