Coming up for air.

Yes, it’s the name of a great Patty Larkin song, but it’s also what I’m doing now that the opera season has finished. (We got some good press – you can read it here and here and here and here and here and here and here!)

It’ll be a busy autumn: in addition to our annual audition tour, I’ll be participating in a local leadership program. (Can’t take the student out of the classroom for too long without her getting antsy, I suppose.)  

And, in an ironic twist, I’ll be addressing music performance students at my alma mater in a few short weeks. (Well, I did sing in the shower this morning…) I’m having a heck of a time writing my talk – I’m still sifting through what the broader message should be, and my stream-of-consciousness writing is by turns boring and condescending and nostalgic and then really-boring. The struggle is a(n unnecessary) signifier that this talk is important to me; here’s hoping I can level up before the big day! (If it’s good, I’ll post a copy here. If it’s not, I will spare you; you can thank me later.)

What have you been up to this summer?

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