“Not yet.”

There’s a beauty in striving. And while meeting a final goal is important – whether it’s a quota, or the completion of a professional project, or remembering to eat our veggies or be more mindful in our personal lives.

Sometimes, we need to strive for things that are slightly beyond us. We learn so much from stepping outside our perceived boundaries. I could argue that that particular kind of striving set me on my very strange, non-linear career path: I had been accepted to 4 colleges for creative writing when I took my sole music school audition. After that audition, I was convinced that it was the path for me – it was foreign and had rules that I didn’t understand, and was something in which my family had little to no background. I could totally succeed, right?

In many ways, I did. In some, I did not. But it was a challenge, during which I was often reminded that I didn’t quite have it, yet.

The power of “yet” is the subject of this TED talk. I love the implied possibility that, regardless of where we are in our career path, our personal path, we can continually improve.


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