Changing Course

Hi friends,

I’m finding myself wanting to write, to process what’s happening in the world through words. And, being completely honest, talking about career changes at the current moment feels a little tone deaf when so many are unable to work at all. But I am missing our community, as it once was…and though I’m an introvert, I’m still craving connection.

(Tangent: I listened to this podcast, and one point was the difference between solitude and loneliness. We’re lucky in English to have two words for these related but different feelings: the author’s latest novel, The Art of Solitude, is being translated into German, where the word Einsamkeit encompasses both concepts. The reworked German title is Die Kunst mit zie selbst allein zu sein. The Art of Being Alone With Oneself. I love that.)

So I’m going to try to publish a few little pieces here, about the struggles I’m feeling and the unexpected bright lights. I’m reading like crazy – about habit-building (my favorite topic, though one that has grown quite rusty over the last 18 months), about the attention economy, and the political attributes of rest, so there’ll likely be some of that thrown in, too.

If you are reading something that has a new context in these Covidian times, please point it out. Looking forward to reconnecting with you.



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