I’m so glad you’ve found this little corner of the internet.

My goal for this space is to primarily share stories of how we discern those things that are professionally important to us, and our unique pathways to finding our professional sweet spot.

Now, as a disclaimer of sorts, it’s pretty common to have started in one field and transitioned into another. The number of us who are discerning enough as 18-year-olds to figure out our perfect profession are, lets be honest, pretty small. But I believe that most of those stories are framed as failure stories: of how we fell out of love with an idea, how life forced us to make changes. But I believe that all of these stories are success stories, and that the journey is more important than the starting or ending points.

Most of the profiles you’ll see here are from good friends of mine, and since I have spent most of my career in the performing arts, there are many performer types profiled in these pages. The focus will likely gradually shift to be more inclusive, so if you’re not an artsy-fartsy I hope that you’ll hang in there. The opinions reflected in their profiles are theirs, and I’ve tried very hard to keep their individual voices and thoughts clear. Comments will be moderated, but only to censor content that’s hurtful to my guests. Let’s all play nice, shall we?  (The editorial posts are mine, so if you have issues with those, please let fly.)

I aim to post twice a week, at least one profile and one career post per week.

If you or someone you know have a story you’d like to share, please contact me at indirectroutes@gmail.com

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