Good morning.

The house has been bedecked with lights and tree, and in doing so I realized just how many boxes of lights are dwelling in my basement. I think today’s goals are to try to use every freaking string on or in the house. Because sparkle!

  • Everybody needs a buddy.
  • Especially at this time of the year…take care of yourself. 
  • Maybe a beverage would bring some cheer.. or at least give you a head start on that project.
  • Or you could just make like we did last night and eat pizza. (New favorite place – SO GOOD!)

Hoping this lovely Saturday is treating you well.


It’s the day after Thanksgiving.

Also known as Black Friday.

I’m foregoing the shopping this year, as I do many years. Spending the day walking with the dogs, decorating the house for the holidays, and making the small list for gifts for friends and family. If I get ambitious, I’ll make a few batches of pierogi dough. (Who knows if I’ll get that far, but a girl can dream.)

  • Found this recipe, and had the (two) ingredients on hand. It. Is. HEAVENLY.
  • I know I should find this disgusting, but I actually really want to try it.
  • The world of wearable tech is getting so cool.

Obviously still food obsessed. I’ll try to branch out a bit for tomorrow. See you then.

(The blue pillow that he’s standing on reads “no dogs on couch.” Harumph.)


Happy Thankgiving all.

I’m digging into some cooking this morning, like many of us. We’ll eat mid-afternoon, nap, walk the dogs, and then likely go back for seconds.

  • There’s a word for what I’ll be feeling. 
  • This slo-mo recap is one of the reasons I wait like a kid on Christmas for these videos.
  • One small gesture ever day can add up to something huge.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, heavy on fellowship, cameraderie, and pie. 


Good morning.

Whether you’re planning, pre-gaming, or prepping for tomorrow, I hope you’re having a lovely day. See you tomorrow!



Sorry this is much later than I had planned…I had my first crossfit injury (left the front of my shin on a big wooden box.), and I realized how long it’s been since I’ve really bloodied myself, and how damn comfortable my life usually is. Let’s be honest, blood has never been my thing: I mean, I’m pretty grateful it’s coursing through my veins, but I don’t need to see it unless I’m donating a pint. Which I think I will tomorrow, if only to be helpful to someone who needs my weird-ass blood type, and to be thankful for not being in worse shape, health-wise.

Thanks for letting me unload. Here’s some linkage.

  • I’m kinda doing this this week. (Who am I kidding? I am taking the week off to putter around, cook, and nurse my terrible wound. Am I too pathetic? I am? Oh, ok.) I do think it’s a cool idea, and I find it particularly attractive at this time of year.
  • TERRIFYING. (Or adorable? Leaning towards the second.)
  • I’ve been thinking about ethics a lot lately. And I’m finding this as terrifying as any recent current events. I find gray areas fascinating, but I’m thinking a lot about how tricky they really are…
  • In case you’re up for joining me here, it’s a good deed that won’t cost you a thing.

Have a good evening, all. Aiming to see you in the morning!

(Sometimes the tiniest weight is a really big challenge. Today was one of those days.)


Morning, all. I’m moving slowly today, so here are links presented without much commentary.

  • How to make sure you fit in those things that are most important to you? Design.
  • Even at this time of year, I’m guessing this is still a bit true.
  • My favorite aria, played by the composer. 
  • I’m going to need a bigger yard.
  • And another song, from two powerhouses. 

Stay warm out there. See you tomorrow.


What a difference a day makes, huh? (Boy, THAT might be the theme of 2016…how many times did we all wake up and find that the tectonic plates had shifted under our feet?) Today I’m asking with a more literal bent; yesterday I ran errands topless (convertible car, you perverts), and today I needed boots & mittens to walk the boys around the neighborhood and STILL froze. But the angle of the light and the clouds are making the skies so incredibly beautiful…and the fact that I can enjoy them while under a warm blanket on the couch? Well that’s just a bonus.

  • Looks like I picked the exact wrong time to start writing again. Timing has never been my strong suit.
  • I have this simmering on a burner and it smells heavenly.
  • We’ve been experimenting with our email hygiene at work…here’s a way to automate your process and streamline that inbox.
  • I feel like I should buy these in bulk…and maybe I should fill them with Domino’s gift cards? (Question: would I then ever actually gift any of them? Hmmm. Doubtful.)

Stay warm, lovelies. See you tomorrow.


Good morning, all.

It’s an incredibly gorgeous morning here in the mid-Atlantic; sunny, warm, made-to-order perfection. (And evidently it’s not going to last, so I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth.)

I’m on the front porch with a spice candle burning and a mug of hot tea, a folksy Pandora station on in the background. Wrens are flying on and off of the porch, and I’m trying to be as still as I can to see if they’ll come closer. 

Happy Saturday, all. See you tomorrow.


Good morning, all. While you read this I am likely on my way to step on a contraption that will tell me if I’ve gained any muscle (spoiler: I have) or lost any fat (spoiler: yup that too). My actual weight hasn’t changed a skosh. And that’s OK.

After I step on that contraption? I’m going to go for a quick jog, and then eat a loaf of bread, toasted, slathered with European butter. Because moderation…or making up for lost time…or just for the freaking love of toast.

  • Scroll down to “the end of chill” and take it out of an election context for a moment. Stop chilling. Get excited, get motivated, get interested. Apathy can go to hell.
  • If I don’t feel sated after all that toast, I might grab a bag of these. I love ’em more than Cartman does.
  • Considering throwing Thanksgiving on its ear this year…
  • A little dramatic, but then again so is the story.
  • This might give you an insight as to why I like watercolors so much.

Happy Friday, darlings. Have a fantastic day!capture1


Good morning, lovelies. 

I’m on the last day of a strict eating regimen that the hubby & I have been (mostly) following since September. I’m dreaming about eating bagels, glazed donuts, sugar cookies, and a big slab of Mom’s fabulous cheesecake right after the last retest on Friday morning. (It won’t all happen, but I’ll likely shove at least some refined sugar into my pie hole…and smile with every chew.)

Have a great Thursday. See you tomorrow.

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