Profile Phriday (Ph)Recap

I’m so grateful to the people who have allowed me to share their stories on these pages. Some are just starting out on their career journey, some are established and highly regarded; all of them are quality people who successfully made a big transition into a career that they love.

If you’ve not had a chance to read them, here they are in a convenient list!

Jeff Gaynor (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)

Sarah Andrew Wilson (The Levine School)

Nigel Boon (National Symphony Orchestra)

Nathan DePoint (Fort Worth Opera)

Gia-Ninh Chuang (Fitness Professional)

Peter Zimmerman (Wolf Trap)

Tom Wright (Vancouver Opera)

Annie Burridge (Opera Philadelphia)

Stephen Brody (Schedule Arts)

Vic Muenzer (CD Syndications)

Tracy Cherpeski (Life Coach/Personal Trainer)

Kim Pensinger Witman (Wolf Trap – my boss!)

Sean McAuliffe (Boeing)

Tonya McKinny (Manager and Mom)

Jennifer Empie (U.S. State Department)

Joseph Craig (NextEra)

Melissa Collom (Performer/Planned Parenthood)

James Lynn (Insurance)

Mark Bradley Miller (Photographer)

One thought on “Profile Phriday (Ph)Recap

  1. […] a bit of a review, please click over here to read some past profiles. (Caveat: some of these folks have moved tracks yet again and are doing […]

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